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Darren Crowe


We had a chance to sit down with the current leading driver and trainer through the first 3 race days of our season, Darren Crowe, to get his thoughts on the season to date.

Q - We've had three weeks of racing so far, and you are off to a really great start, on the driving side 7 wins in 27 starts and on the training side you have 5 wins from 16 starts. What has been going right for you so far?

DC - Just the right horses in the right class right now. I've been pretty lucky, I've picked up a few horses this spring from PEI and a new horse that just came from Ohio, and he seems to be fitting in pretty good.

Q - Let's talk about him, Rockin Corona. He's certainly made a statement so far at Truro. He's got 3 wins in 3 starts for you and looks like he's working his way steadily towards the top class, the way he's been going.

DC - So far, so good. I think I haven't really had to stretch him out yet and see what he can actually do, but he is getting better every week.

Q - You had a nice performance from Speakingofshadow, who you've had for a little while, with a new lifetime mark and a huge effort last Sunday.

DC - She is really starting to come around. When I raced her last year, she had been through the grinder a bit. She had a really good two-year-old year, and her three-year-old year was disastrous. She was turned out. Got her back the end of January. Trained her back, and she's just starting to come back to herself and her two-year-old form. She always had speed, but she's actually starting to get her confidence back, and I think that was her big thing. She had just lost confidence in herself, and she's starting to come back to be a really useful horse I think.

Q - You picked up an older classy mare, MsDragonfire, who picked up a nice second last week. She certainly has a lot of back class to her.

DC - She does. She was a late comer here to get ready. She's racing herself into shape, but she seems to be getting a little bit better every week.

Q - You've picked up some live catch drives in recent weeks. Well Lets See, that was a nice performance from him and obviously the new horse in Pam Moore's barn, Life Speaks, looked good as well.

DC - Yes, nice race horses. I ended up getting the drives oh those, so that was good.

Q - As always, you always have a lot of support from the Won't Back Down Stable, and Risin Horizon is off to a good start this year as well.

DC - He's just a nice little race horse. He gets in the right class and he can do some damage. He's a bit of an in between-er, he's not really good enough for the top class, but he can get money, but the next class below he can usually do some damage. He's just a nice raceway horse.

Q - We saw your son Brennan in the Mini Horses event, of course he won that event last year. Might we see a future driver there?

DC - He really enjoys the minis, and he's very horse oriented anyway. He barrel races. Who knows. He likes what he does. Some day maybe, but I'm not really pushing that.

Q - Continued success with everything

DC - Thank you.

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