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Survivor Winners

Winners from July 23rd, 2023

In our special $200 HPIBET Survivor, we had 128 entries this afternoon. 18 of you got eliminated at the same time before the end of the card. Therefore, we did a random draw from those 18 people and 3 of them will receive $66.66 in their account.

Congrats to Tim Merzetti of Saint John, New Brunswick, Jeff Ferrish of Summerside, PEI and Leanne Silverthorne of Dundas, Ontario who are this afternoon's winners.

Winners from July 21st, 2023

We started with 102 entries for our $200 Hpibet Survivor Contest. Through a tough card, six fans survived to the end. As per our rules, we randomly draw and have 3 winners, who each get $66.66.

Congrats to Scott Green of North Noel, NS, Brian Hoffos of Edmonton, Alberta and Jennifer Fraser of Summerside, PEI.

Winner from July 18th, 2023

There were 71 entries, but just one person was able to navigate through the entire race card.

Congrats to Ron Pickrem of Halifax, who is a second time winner, but this time takes home the $100 HPIBET deposit all to himself!

Winners from July 16th, 2023

We had 95 people enter our HPIBET Survivor Contest this afternoon. 2 players were able to make it through the entire race card and each receive a $50 deposit to their HPI account.

Congrats goes out to Duane LeBlanc of Bible Hill, NS and Thomas Lane of Guelph, ON.

We appreciate your support this afternoon. We'll do it all again this Tuesday night!

Winners from July 9th, 2023

In our HPIBET Survivor Contest, we had 110 start the day, with 11 making it all the way through the race card. We randomly drew from those 11 people, and the following 3 will each receive $33.33 in their HPIBET account.

Congrats to Gabriele Di Paolo of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Tyler Wilkie of Stratford, PEI and Ron Pickrem of Halifax, who are this week's winners.

Winner from July 2nd, 2023

Congrats to Peter Gilby of Lantz, NS who was the lone survivor this afternoon from 91 entrants this week.

Winner from June 25th, 2023

In our HPIBET Survivor Contest, we had 110 entries this week, and only one person survived the entire card.  He is a repeat winner, as he was one of three people who shared in the $100 last week, but takes it all this time.

Congrats goes out to Thomas Lane of Guelph, Ontario. 

Truro Raceway

Truro Raceway offers something for everyone; from the young to the young at heart. A visit to Truro Raceway provides a unique entertainment experience that has people on the edge of their seat and wanting more.

Aug 27 Photos by Blaise Duff

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