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Survivor ChallengeRules and Regulations to Enter and Play the Survivor Challenge

  1. All participants must be of legal age in the Province, State or Country of residence. Nova Scotia participants must be 19 years of age or older.
  2. The official results, as posted by APHRC Judges, shall constitute the official and final result for this contest.
  3. The entrant will endeavour to select a horse who will finish top three in races 1 (one) through the final race. The entrant will select his or her choice, with an alternate choice for each race. In the event that the original selection is scratched, the alternate selection will be deemed to be the new selection for the entrant. If both your original selection and alternative selection are both scratched, you will inherit the post time favourite. No alternative selection will be allowed if your initial selection is refunded for any reason. Please see the television monitors, and listen to the track announcer for any scratches.
  4. In the event of a dead heat, all horses in said dead heat for win, place or show shall be deemed to be official winners for the purpose of moving on to the next round.
  5. Entrants selection must finish in the top 3 (three) to move on to the next round. If your selection does not finish in the top 3 (three) you will be eliminated from further play.
  6. In order to be eligible for the HPIBet cash deposit, you must have an active account set up prior to entering. All winners that are non-account holders will receive bragging rights, but unfortunately you must have a HPIbet account to be awarded a cash deposit. In the event that the contest winner is not a resident of an HPIBet Market, or the winner does not want to sign up for HPIBet, again bragging rights are the only reward.
  7. The entrant with the most consecutive top 3 (three) finishers will be deemed to have won the Survivor Challenge contest. The winner shall receive the sum of $100 (one hundred) dollars deposited in their HPIBet account, if he or she is the sole survivor. In the event of a tie with 3 (three) or fewer winners, the $100 (one hundred) dollar prize shall be split evenly amongst the winners. In the event that 4 (four) or more winners tie, all winners names will be entered in a random draw and 3 (three) names will be selected. The 3 (three) names selected will be considered winners for the purpose of the contest and shall split the $100 (one hundred) dollar winner’s prize evenly.
  8. The contest will run from race to race until all contestants are eliminated, or the final race has been run, whichever comes first.
  9. All staff of Truro Raceway, or the APHRC, are NOT eligible to participate.
  10. All entries must be received before the official post time for the first race, on each Sunday that the contest is held.
  11. Only one entry per person, per race day.
  12. Entries can be made online on our Survivor Entry Form page. Entry ballots can be completed and submitted online before the official post time for the first race on each Sunday that the contest is held.
  13. Contest winners agree to allow Truro Raceway to use their name and/or image in respect to any promotion or media release concerning the contest.
  14. Incomplete or late submissions will be considered null and void.
  15. Complete listings of daily entries, program pages and scratches are available at truroraceway.ca
  16. By entering the contest, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set out above, and your entry constitutes acceptance of such.



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  • Sunday Post Time @1:00pm Atlantic